Application for the Use of CTSA Resources

Application for submission to SEPCOM

(Scientific Evaluation and Prioritization Committee)

If unable to complete in full, you may click 'Save & Return Later'. At time of completion and submission, you will receive a confirmation email.

We recommend you submit all relevant information, whether listed below or not, that would provide context for the committee to evaluate the scientific rationale and merit for the proposed study.

Application Checklist

Please upload the following required documents:

  • Full protocol
  • IRB application
  • IRB site supplement document (required for GU and MedStar)
  • CV of the investigator
  • IRB Informed Consent Form (draft or approved)

If applicable or available, please also upload the following:

  • Original IRB approval memo
  • Budget from funding source
  • Assent form as approved by or submitted to the IRB
  • Lab Manual
  • Investigator's Brochure
  • Summary statement or notice of award
  • Investigational Drug Branch documentation

All investigators submitting protocols to request CTSA resources should meet with the CRU administration to discuss budget and study feasibility prior to submission of their application. Such pre-review discussions will allow management to become familiar with these studies, enabling them to better understand anticipated CRU use.

Additional GHUCCTS Resources and Services

The following resources are also available to investigators. Click the links for more information.

For more information on available GHUCCTS resources, please visit the following website:

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